miss beaded dolly’s haunted pretty white lady cryin all the time 2me

miss beaded dolly's haunted pretty white lady cryin all the time 2me

I SAY- lady u not real ok U JUST MY IMAGINATION!

SHE SAY (with a accent)-no i’m not u’ve got to tell miss beaded dolly’s story about me i don’t want to keep being a haunting spirit

I SAY- lady i feel the same way but OH WELL SHIT HAPPENS 2 THE BEST OF US!

SHE SAY- my family will hear u well please u must tell our story

I SAY- oh so now its our story- when u alive and beautiful & rich u don’t know me but now some shit go down-

SHE INTERRUPTS ME BOO-HOOING LIKE A MUTHAFUCKA RIGHT THEN SOME THUNDER RUMBLE OR maybe its a truck but what ever sound its giving i am jolted by the timing of it all

I SAY- ok lady i tell u what u get me my already earned coffee cane cotton cash workers art moneys so i can tell OUR STORY


she stop crying so hard then she says- I have heard about you u know but they said u were once white & then when u came back black u hated white people & then black people hated u & it just all sounded so stupid- i’m really sorry tishie

I SAY- yeah thats what the dead say but i still don’t got my already earned –

SHE SAYS- i know i know YOUR ALREADY EARNED COTTON CANE COFFEE CASH WORKERS ART MONEYS i know i know its very wrong what that world did 2u

I SAY- ummm & its very wrong what he did 2u & i will say miss beaded dolly’s story thru my art just as soon as i get my money



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