5 TEENAGERS boys gathered at a basketball court. 2 are shooting hoops the other 3 are huddled in a circle


1-ok right now we plannin 4the future it aint the good part of the future

2-man why you always listenin 2 that nigga he always thinkin of some shit to do but never on the scene to do it & when he do be there he the only niggah don’t get caught
 and when he did get caught that one time his momma bailed him out quick man fuck him i’mma  go play some ball


3. man 4get about him i know what u talkin bout like we pavin the way for something else we gotta give up this life 2 go for the life thats really ours

1. EXACTLY! so u down for what we gotta do?

3. what? rob a bank? kill somebody? what we gotta do?



About wildlikethat24

artist mythologists dark matter
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