pg. 195-196 Becoming a big star often addles a human being, usually in one of three ways: THE VICTIM becomes a superior, lonely ego and STAYS HOME, or BEcomes a public character and goes out CONSTANTLY, or becomes GLAMOROUS, nO MATTER where he or SHE happens 2b. MISS DAVIS WAS GLAMOROUS, years ago, 4ABOUT- A MonTH. This period ended when, backed up by a smart town car containing a white poodle and liveried chauffeur and attired in moody black velvet slacks and jacket, SHE MET HER MOTHER, who had been on A TRIP EAST at the LOS ANGELES RAILWAY STATION. Mrs. DAVIS was unable to BELIEVE her OWN EYES and FLATLY SAID SO. The glamour was dropped later THAT DAY.

(all TYPE-o’s only reflect MY MISTAKES-ms. beaded dolly’s secretary)


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