this other realm i entered

this other realm i entered

INVOLVED POPCORN BALLS & A HUGE PARTY whatever spirit invited itself 2go into this black peoples laughin like they havin’ a goodtime GATHERING is a stranger 2me but wtf i went any ol way & those who ALLOWED the sea 2part so the people could enter did so without many blessings but they did so anyway & we entered The Greeter was from the land of BAD-U i am fondly mistaken 4her highness the king of kemet but i just don’t have the right garb nor the proper background 2 wear that singin nun full hilt so when THE GREETER did his BEST ABSURDIST introduction i had to let an eyeball drop in his wine SAY IN JESUS NAME 5TIMES PLEASE before reminding him that perhaps he has had a bit too much 2drink & with that ALL WHO WERE GIVIN OFF THE WHOSE THAT BITCH GOON FACE went & started shakin hands with the devil & therefore i calmly made my introduction
to the birthday girl NO THEY DID NOT OFFER NONE OF THE PEOPLE NOTHING 2DRINK JUST SOME POPCORN which was fine BYME then when i go back 2 my own personal enchanted forest THE ONE WHO I DROPPED AN EYEBALL IN HIS WINE SO JESUS COULD BE PRAISED came over to my SECRET ALCHEMIST HAVEN i suppose 2 acknowledge his own HAUNTED HEALER SOUL & thou i was aware of the gesture of kindness he made no intention nor mention 2THE MERMAID GODDESS LADY WHO DON’T LIKE THAT TITLE AT ALL about my already earned COTTON CANE COFFEE CASH WORKERS ART MONEYS so what all was really goin on gives the fact sun days to be the blessing & as i am thinking deeper on the WHOLE DAY there is only one somebody who can truly understand & give some blessed enlightenment on this strange land i have entered YES I WILL SKYWRITE SUPANATURAL GODMOTHER HARRIETT TUBMAN!


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