i put this out going on 3years in MARCH to director george lucas now that everything has turned 2sandytown i am wondering what does it really all mean?

Dear Mr. G. Lucas
by Espiritu Spirit on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 8:03pm ·

there is an uncommon force of nature woke.
let the grail keepers wisdom seekers mythologists holy rollers & garden gatherers
be summoned

the world tour happened
i got the sceptre from the apothacary where all the ancient ones gather

the triple threat activated on some amazing catastrophic ain’t enough metal for the canned soup to be contained type of ya ya goin ons

what is this wait ish ness stuff really about?
& please don’t say 2012 cause that year was over 5 years ago

the seers who ride the waters roar claiming thunderous talk

right across the aisle from the biggest dog bones on earth are light bulbs
r u hearing me well?

etiquette does have its place but come neh-if my mortal flaws have been my undoing -ain’t a child alive worth savin’
r u hearin me well?
is an urgency
in this matter
there is an
in this matter
there is an urgency in this matter

the veil is uncovered
human consciousness has shown splendid squalor and divine despair walkin red carpets dazzling beaded game players do the dance do the dance

hey what is all this really all about anyway?
paradise is inclusive
i cut 20 years of growin hair past the dip of my back
to understand how adoration got lock hunters simmerin my mile long plaits in baldman’s stew for a how to on making purified waters

oh itsa world of strange things that have nothing to do with me- & everything to do with the perception of finding somebody to blame for the earth falling apart

i am sure other alchemists have been abused in worse ways than i have gone thru but at some point
its time to get to peace peacably
so yes inventor of the modern day mythic telescope
again i come speakin words i hope will reach u godspeed well & that u be of light & great vision knowing to help me make sense of this force will serve humankind well for future generations.

i went to high tech horgwarts type of supa wizdry colleges to know exactly how to study shit well & realize this ain’t even half of the all of how the universe works.
Ms. Osceola Mccarthy with a 6th grade education afraid to fly on airplanes saved up one hundred fifty thousand dollars on her washer woman’s salary to give scholarships to the needy at university of mississippi cause she couldn’t speak on how spirit has a strange view & the unseen forces perhaps can be known for the advancement of civilization.

For some its a doctor
a lawyer
a judge
an electrician
a politician
a far reaching communicator
for me its come contained in the story of the cotton n cane workers who came here cause it was necessary to build new cultures new musics. It is an energy a force. But it is flawed cause i did not come equipped to turn their stories into films by my lone self. I need help.

yes i need help.

be of light kindsir
be of vision
keturah harmony
713 252 1697


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