some child 7 years old got a haunted healers story on ‘um

Saturday, October 29, 2005


The maestro plays me a new song of his…
he’s taken his love of a lot of his music types
and now its there
well blended
guess them ovaltine shakes finally started working
cause this song and all of the rest he’s doing…yeah right on maestro man
and then
another one who the ancient ones love
comes strolling in
maestro lets him hear it and he says: “yeah that’s it…you did it…you found you…”
his wizard gemini healing hands
come together thunderous applause

maestro finally nailed the clearest divine to his art
high transmogrofication energy
so all he’s got to do is finish this album
everybody’s rooting for him to win
aren’t we?
yep yep mmmhuh
Cool Waters Forever

2. Everybody i know is a wizard or witch in high form
which makes me know
this world is the way it is cause they have all made some
sort of agreement for the status quo
(how many ways can u say JOSEPH CAMPBELL?)

3. I finally got the why? why? why?
to my first main question when I started this blog:
The crazy white folks at the camp
took it upon themselves to bear the blows of riling
up the goddess in order to free her from anger
basically it was some “chaos magic”
i just found out about this sort of thing
because of you
my bling
my blog
the tricky thing
about chaos magic is one would have
to really not give a fuck about
stinkin up the whole joint
to get a point across
I am feeling an over abundance of love
right now
or was it that song the maestro did
still whirling a shimmy shimmy dance
thru me?
or was it the gemini healing hands coming together in applause
blessing the space and the place?
or could it be one of my girls callin and sayin jay-z and nas
broke bread on stage?
or was it my other witch wonderland girl
tellin me all kinds of
“really did happen” brooklyneese tales of mayhem and good food?
was it momma’s story about the nice white lady that fought for her to keep her job?
whatever it is
I had a very good shit yesterday
(can we all say yeaaaaaaaa!!!)
and now
i’mma go brush my teeth real good
and kiss a tree

wow that camp
wasn’t so bad afterall
i am now reminded of the kids
who i taught one summer at an upstate camp
when they got there
woah u talkin about some
angry crazy mean actin chilrens of the goddess
they hated it and did not mince words to let you know
and then by the end they were wanting to come back
cool for them
but then i’m stuck with their crazy mean gene on me
and unlike
the crazy white folks at that camp upstate
who can just go…hell i dunno…be white again
i cant do that
cause black is an absorbing color
thats the real reason
white folks oughta be nicer to black folks
cause we absorb energy and throw it back
in ridiculus ways
and that’s why blacks oughta take more
milk baths
(ooo who said that? where that come from?)
gotta go
ooo the po chile spins herself again
into a trance and then gets scared of her own self
move it or lose it
move it or lose it
move it or lose it

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