THIS CAME 2 ME 7YEARS AGO i wrote it all at once then nothing whoever that was she has not returned 2tell me the rest of her story & i wish she would i am still fascinated

paris 65


it’s 1965

paris gotta glow on it
almost 2 weeks here and i am still searching for answers to some of lifes most preplexing questions…
my room sits facing a field of purple and yellow flowers
i am supposed to know the names of by the end of the week
if i stand on the ledge of my window i can see the gardens and the back yard of the grounds keeper
itsa castle turned into a school and a boarding house for girls who
walk with something extra
well thats how Polonda says it- she’s one of the dormmothers
but she dont look like a mother she looks like a bully girl she wear big boots
and smokes heavy cigars she graduated a year ago but didnt wanna leave
offically they call it a finishing school
unoffically we learnin magic stuff
like how to put words together to make a recipe and how to cook up whatever we need to be revealed thru the meal be spoken up
we learnin prayers lots of prayers

nobody speaks french cept the groundskeeper and her son
he’s 5 years old and his name is jubert
the groundskeeper i think she knows english but she wont speak it nor will she acknowledge she knows any
but me and jubert got our own language and he said everyone should know french
well he didnt say it like that he just says
francis francis
i nod my head and his interpreter walks up or
comes from behind a gigantic flower
telling me what he says
that one dont come helpin me to understand grownfolks not talkin english but
for jubert it come thru
which is why i dont know why the owner put it here
the last time i attempted to ask her she said be still chile
the french are master
symbologists- they know who we are
i asked her what that meant- she shushed me again and guided my eye to a man holding a big empty glass vase
and she said if u dream of a vase then u will know more
that happened 2 days ago and i still havent dreamt of a vase
so i guess today i know less

neh how i am i supposed to know what that mean!

i do not know why my momma sent me here
i have seen some intresting things – how girls love each other- my grandma’s word -she say love different lookin dependin who wearin it but it’s tender and soft with laughs and some battin away but commin together- them birds we was watchin painted the picture big ma’s words spread through me….funny the thangs ya remember….anyway the girls here play in each other’s hair they giggle lay reading next to each other….we ain’t do none of the touchin the way i’ve seen girls do here
maybe its good cause one of my teachers on that same day said that as students of the high arts we are high energy conductors forever recieving and balancin each other- maybe they balancin each other but i found out another way to balance me out-just to enjoy havin a crush on somebody…its like a joyous secret nobody gotta know but my soul
anyway my soul’s love at the moment is this guy who will never know how sacraficin takes a toll on me and yet for love I endure and so for love’s sake i sacrafice lettin my heart’s content take full rush of me
ahh that sounded nice- maybe i come back to add some to that
but the thing about likin somebody who ain’t gonna never really know-
love is a lot tricker than imagined…

her name is ersula-sometimes she doesnt stink- most times she does-why am i fascinated by her if the first thoughts of her is of a putrid oder? i can’t explain it- there are many things at this school that are not to be understood looking with only 2 eyes-above the door to the prayer room is the saying: shut the 2 eyes and open the one
my favortie teacher- big sistah katline says if u can’t look at ugly funky bitter and nasty with the same pleasure as pretty beautiful nice and lovely then you only half a witch
to get full papers on what it means to shuffle the whole deck is to to dance with the beast like its the most spectecular thing invented
maybe that sunk in somewhere deep inside of me
but it was before that- she came here after school had already started- she had 2 dresses now she has 10- people give her stuff- she snarls at them anyway


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