Wednesday, February 08, 2006

SCENICVILLE TEXAS POPULATION 3010 and they sittin at the bar

man listen- i aint tryin to get in your business but…i mean i understand love you know how you can get caught up in something and there ya are- but listen man i ont mean no offence or nothin but your girl – dont you notice something strange about her?


i mean i understand love i mean i been in love- one time it was this girl and she would come over and the first thing she would do is start foldin my clothes and that was strange but she was real good at it so i aint think nothin about it…i loved her and then it was this other one she would take a shit after i went to sleep she couldnt shit till everybody went to sleep and she’d shit in the dark – the light dont even be on- be dark as hell- i got up to take a piss and she was in there in the dark and she said that was the only time she could shit and it had to be in the dark- i loved her so i can understand strange and love workin together but man your girl she…i cant explain it but something is unusual about her thats real dark and evil – well i ‘ont wanna go that down cause…is she evil to you man?

naw she ain’t evil

ok right she just got some evil somewhere follow her around, huh?

I ont know if its like that-

naw ok – it aint like that exactly -its…man i feel funny discussin this with you cause thats your girl but e’r body be wonderin where she came from- whats that about?

i dunno man but i know what you mean

what i mean is- you alright? its almost like she got some kind of powers thats very unusual cause thangs be happenin and she dont be there but you think she had somethin to do with it- whether its good or bad- when something bad happen you think of her and when something good happen you think of her too…its strange cause i mean i know imma man and aint nobody in control of me but me but with her i cant explain it and i might be oversteppin myself and then something strange gonna happen to me just cause i’m talkin about her but i aint usin her name but she gonna hear me and something weird gonna happen but man i just had to tell you cause dont nobody understand what that is- its perplexin-

i know i know i know…but i dont know what that is…i know i’m winnin

you winnin?

yeah cause its like i’m goin the distance ya know like that movie rocky- i might notta beat apollo the first time but i’m winnin cause i’m goin the distance- that shit mean something- you dont remember that apollo won the fight
you remember rocky went the distance and that made him the winner

that’s true – so you aint scared of her?

hey scared over bored- scared over bored- i hate to be bored and you know what boys get scared men get strong so naw she ‘ont scare me- she ont scare me at all


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