REVISTATION -first published: JUNE 5TH 2010

mmmhuh chile i knew a few sheep killers in my day
by Espiritu Spirit on Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 12:31pm ·

this one
oh he was all bite
head fulla workin teeth
big chompers
the prettiest smile
God evah put in a mouth
oversized trumpet player bald midget
it wasnt that he was mean
just mean when it came to anybody reminded him of his momma

naw chile don’t nobody wanna hear my story
it aint pc enuf
i know a walk like mine dont nobody wanna hear
cause it aint got no real good up in it
story like mine child
got hurricane waves brangin starvin damages up to shore

oh yes i have made my mark on the world u livin in
when they said ashes to ashes dust to dust
i watched
each and every body
who wanted to sea that casket sunk into the ground

sit down neh
take a listen
cause i’m bout to tell u why u gonna roll the heaviest winds once
the crucifyin match is complete

so he says to me
Looka here ugly gal
then he hands me a magazine got
some model beautiful dresser
make-up all done
eyes glistening
big salad no red meat eater-i’m sure
even though i never stocked her icebox nor went through her garbage
to understand how she built her house
all i know is even somebody looked like i did
and i nevah called myself ugly
I’ve always had a keen sense on the ingredients of beauty
just cause mosquitoes aint nevah bite me didnt make me think nuthin cept i was
extra special
and he had no problem eatin a plate of my cookin then comin back for seconds and sneakin back in the kitchen for thirds
pretendin sleepwalkin when the night had put even the yellin cat cross the street to bed
but nevah a complimentary thing about how i let the grocerys guide my hands
not one speakin into existence a nice something about what i did right
i know i’m sayin all this after the facts of what went wrong
your own mind guide u to the truth serum u really seek
i aced that with a full house
but takin pictures
was a different occasion
chile when i took a photo the flash go off and i come out
lookin all chinky faced or scrambled eyed on it
i had seen a side show once
with a man who could grow one of his arms longer than the other
i waited till he got off the stage and followed him back to his tent then asked him
how he get it back to being the same size cause mine just wont get back even
he started havin a new gift to show at his side work
eyes poppin out his head

u really wanna know what landed u to talk to us? then quit squirmin around in your seat and listen. just listen to this story and connect it to them love poems u wrote
channelin words mixed together u know damn well u had no idea where they came from

i hafta be over prepared to take a good picture and he know all this
so he hand me the cover
says to me-why didnt u come out lookin like her?
if u looked like her then u’d been hurd well
don’t nobody want no
ugly gal workin on they head
dont nobody want no sick bitch as a nurse
or cookin for’um
he digs the photo all up smushin my nose in it
u gotta look like this if u want somebody to finance u a beauty shop
or a resturant
u a toenail clippin woman

well i had become use to this kinda talk
i mean not so much use to it as
it no longer penetrated the part of my soul that hurt my feelings
so yeah i had become immune to talk against me

but this time i do not know for some reason
this particular time
i just had had a bad day
so i rose up
i was sittin on the couch and i waited till he went in the bathroom
and i set the kitchen on fire
and the bathroom right next to the kitchen
and we both got killed

the other side
u really wanna know what the other side is like 4me?
i own that which makes the world ugly
miserable aweful bitter rotten – all the hate of the world
is my domain
and i have great pride
yes starchild i have great pride


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