a very wise medicine woman from our ancient futuristic knowing tribe suggested i reach out one mo times to ask for help
from the family SMITH-WILL & JADA.

I did not ask for this “gift” nevertheless here i am-the storyteller who gotta a cotton n cane workers film 2do.

This mighty force of nature that has upturned every stone in the village raising roofs & stirrrin up bottom ocean wailin bones must be heard well.

It works as art. As art it contains itself not running rampant doing outrageous paper cuttin evil eyein catastrophes. In the art of it spirits are healed & made whole.

Please help me help us help them.

713 252 1697


by Espiritu Spirit on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 10:09am ·

When things of great nature happen we come 2gether as we should have b4…



No beauty. No music. No song. No dance. No joy. No laughter.
Yes our world went mad & we called forth the one who felt things deeply…

the babies are very old -returning to this side with the gifts but no place of wisdom’s caring foundation to contain our knowing ways.

We’ve given our cotton n cane daughta of full eyes the ways of story to transform despair but for some strange reason which we don’t even comprehend -she is being tortured unnecessarily and thus this abuse is being replicated…

fog rolls in
we are of the sun
yet nothing is clear now

it was not supposed to be this way…

she has asked me to speak up wisdom’s way so that the healing the clearing and the circle be restored back to peace. i come to you because as a family of great force & wealth achievement your prayers & actions have persuasive magnitude abilities.

our stories of the ones who knew the codes of nature must be told well now.

please help her
please help us
she is keturah harmony
we are cotton n cane workers
we came here because it was necessary
creation of new musics new cultures new visions
we passed spirits we spoke the languages of natures to grow and heal
it has turned to despair and woe & it did not have to…

in kind thoughts
child of the sun


please get one of my sand sons to finance scenicville texas
itsa real good thing for natures sake
713 252 1697

Saturday, February 18, 2006

the gatekeepers

thank you for being such faithful watchers
nola needs you now

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in the beginning was the land and the land was all green
this world came to be
from a cosmic thought of harmony
and the green grew the fruit
the fruit fed the folks
the light of this world shined through the smiles of happy kids
there was an occasional rupture to the rapture
the capacity to hold tears
was left to the winds but cause all was in harmony these outbursts only brought about
scattered showers not lasting for longer than minutes
hours were spent sunning watching new flowers burst forth
nature gracefully

Then the dark took the lands
blocked out the sun
fueled heavy winds
the soul took a turn – all brought about by a seed sprouted
greed based in a color scheme of white supremecy and
capatilistic indifference color it piss poor yellow
and the sprout grew and grew and spread past the land
took over burnin sands took over the sky
took over took over till
hate was soul’s boss and love was the slave
and hate beat down love
till love fell on her knees
tears pourin out
the grave watchers came with their drums to ring bells
love coughed a big hunk
up chunkin the funk
heart beatin a race
that attacked love’s strength: her name and her code
the armour of power that the green fed from

she went down for the count and the count went past 10
and the bell was rung loud
proclaimin hate’s win
hate threw hands up in the air yellin I am the champ
i knocked love out her box
so the green took to brown and the brown withered down
to bleak smeared streaks the clouds grew to grey
filled with the peoples new found hate of watchin love knocked out
as love laid down
no breath comin out
spirit winds interceded: ugly truths and beauty deep
furious and awesome twins of change
rearranged love’s main frame
said girl get up with pheonix wings flappin good
we’ve givin you something to make hate’s last day a song sung by the gods
never heard before till now
the rhymers came out
their chant was the magic
the one thing hate hates is
a beat that unites all planets as one
on top of that this spray is called truth
and the truth is these lands cant be run by hates rules
these lands are the first peoples seeds and souls
dont let hate make you not remember the proof etched in the air
embedded in the ground
even as bleak as it looks
hate is hate cause aint no ancestral spirit winds got them
so get up girl and come with the power
ancestors got your back your front from here till the everafter

all this soothing
gave love the strength of thick fur
covered her with a shield unpenetrable by hate’s will
put breath back in love
love got up with the power of 12 milion in the hearts
of 10 men
10 kids
10 women and all the planets together standin up in love’s name
so love knocked hate down
took its throat
hate choked
holdin hate in the grip till hate’s greed seed
died of frieght
shrivled up
hate”s cloud was transformed and the land returned to its original
state of consciousness where green
was the color and the children’s laughter was the money
as it was in the beginning
correction made
chaos to order – servin the universe’s way
nature’s payday
ancestral pride the basis to praisin unseen forces
the foundation
the core
the score and the dna’s mandela
of ancient self being the possesor of all things
made right by love stirred up in a thick sauce of twin child of the wild of the deep of the
all that is Goddess
and Godfather
the brother the daughter and the laughter of dark matter

3:47 PM


godmother lena “glinda” horne comes 2me sayin-child where do u get this from?
by Espiritu Spirit on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 7:13am ·

godmother lena “glinda” horne comes 2me sayin-child where do u get this from?

i say-i dunno i think this one come from the fairy people

she say-the fairy people?

i say yes ma’am the fairy people

she say-what happened baby? what all happened?

i say-godmother i dunno thats what i been tryin to figure out the only thing i’ve come up with is its some mean muthafuckas on this side of the fence who hate me & so now i hate them2

she say-i know baby i know

i say-can’tcha just kill’um all please?

she say -no baby

i say-then can’t cha just kill me so then when i get to the other side i can kill’um all?

she say -no baby. u gotta find the way – u were not birthed nor rebirthed in the spirit of hate child u walk with the spirit of love and peace and harmony and abundance

i say -i know! i know! but now that u know everything ya sea i knew u wasn’t dead miss lena i knew it! i knew u just went to get bigger to help heal the babies i knew you was just too real compassionate and beautiful and bold and free and yeah u from brooklyn. i know that charm master pattern:
in brooklyn we don’t die we multiply
the washateria man taught me that

(we laughin now)
i say
but godmother can u help me? if this story about the cotton n cane workers ain’t fit for this world then please send me the world where it works cause i got shit to do-& excuse my language but that oil spewin forth from underneath the waters in the gulf that killed 11 workers cussed worse then i evah could put cussin together
& 92 is 11 & 11 is 2 & 2 is the 2000’s & 2 is the twin towers & 2 is gemini twin energy & imma double gemini
& my momma isis/aset herself said something about double indeminity & i looked that up & its something about an insurance policy & if i don’t get these spirits they damn movie itsa whole lotta insurance gonna be necessary & i wonder did them lil fishies now got oil all ovah um were insured?
& can’t cha just do something godmother can’t just do something now that you know the full situation-either one way or another -cause this is really it & that canadian circus had to go and make some acrobatic shit outta sainted michael jackson’s supa power hauntin after this world treated him so bad he gave the go ahead for bernie mac to start eruptin fault lines now them po people in haiti got all the ancient hauntin spirits woke up spreadin new nevah thought of diseases pullin presidential planes out the sky
oh its terrible two’s alright & then of course the silly camp haha brigade read my work then write hot topics in the other direction – & i ain’t got paid for none of my hard work just folks laughin at me callin me ugly and stinky so either come kill me or them or or or i dunno godmother please now that u everywhere please do something – ain’t nobody not gonna listen to u especially now. now that u everywhere now that u everywhere now that u everywhere please do something

she puts up her hand in silence. she closes her eyes
this moment of divine awareness i am taken inside her embrace
she whispers
who do u want to help u on this task the universe has given a far too big of a story for a little girl?
i say
the one who was supposed to help me 10 years ago
quincy jones

she says ok child

tears fill my eyes though i fight to contain them
alone again
me & my dusty fan & all my books coverin my great grandmother’s bed.


by Espiritu Spirit on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 8:22am ·


Blessings King James-

Please allow this 2be the exact moment
galaxy written
new day
the ascension
10th dimension
all dots connect
the vortex wide spread
all possible thought spectrums
stirred shook shaped
adorned royal into the one frequency
summed up in
U- Kind Wisdom Warrior

Welcome My King James
May this report be some badazz funk jazz all musics new equations ancient stations all languages traveling throughout eternity.

I have done the work. Everyone who is supposed to know now know who iz who and what. The children are woke. They remember. What they do with ancestral consciousness I cannot say.

Based on these recent and many more years counting
many lifetimes b4 this one
watching my art my scent my view make much money for some most uncharitable rodents of destruction -no the supanatural hauntings will never cease.

So now then what iz the point of it all?

Just to know that there were more of U-super power beings who came here during slave times pretending 2b slaves “puttin the secrets in the baby’s ears” and sometimes having also 2 endure the wrath and bitter blows of the most hellish makings of man’s invention-clearly is not enough.

What is the point of it all?

Momma told me yesterday we are here to learn. I been got that. & now I’ve grown too bored & extremely pissed off with this strange land. Though I have gathered and seen further some of our greatest alchemists they offer only spinning wheel opinions to this journey of mine. One of the most brilliant shamans told me don’t worry about the naysayers -just keep doing your work. But without my wealth restored how can I Dear King HOW CAN? And then again how can I not since it is all I know to do.

What is the point of it all?

The spirit people who speak your wonders and then-yeah lol
show me your powers your gifts say they wanted to bring forth the touch healers. They say being a healer and being one needing healing is no difference. It is a complimentary relationship. They say there are stories that fuel and activate this kindred vision. One of my favorites is the one they say about exactly how the bible became their greatest enchantment. Is it true KING JAMES that you inhaled the bible? Read it just by putting your hands on the pages and fully activated the principles bringing forth all the immortal ones. They say you could grow yourself even bigger even taller and you usedta just walk back and forth cross the waters to Africa-took one sun rising to get there- telling how we were to make it through to now. & when i say 2’um why it took so long with all these great powers charged- they say:

dear child that planet earth could not handle our true splendor.
So we stayed humble
but now we know perhaps it was not the right thing to do.
To be thought of as born from slaves is a victim of despair
and so to make amends the wailers roar breaking the earth in 2.


Bring forth the team- director producer film crew. Please support this art of yours that comes forth through me.



Sunday, February 12, 2006


the snow looks nice from the view of a kitchen window
brooklyn bound
i’m locked to the keys
letterings and musings to amuse spirits and quench the thirst
of an insatiable creature of nature

i still ask them why are we here?
samo samo chanted enough to make me wonder

the planet
sometimes its the twists that makes the choir raise both hands
standin ovation
all i really wanna do is be the amen section
at the wizards mansion of dancin puppets
actually itsa theater
and the story is old gold

has your soul found an enchantment thats not understandable?
come talk to me then

3:58 PM



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