MUDDY HANDS AND FEET STUCK IN CLAY SAYS JUST CALL HIM R.G. SAYS yeah i’m already called on to the other side in evil deeds for what i have done2u I SAY SO U CONFESS 2 YOUR PART IN MAKING SANDYTOWN MY AFTERLIFE REALITY HE SAY no one talks about the dirty business muse making stirs desire 4us who really crave attention I SAY SOME REAL TIME NEWS STORIES JUST NEVER DO GET TOLD DO THEY he say i do have a conscious even thou i helped set this world on a path ruined indonesia’s tsuanmi rita katrina haiti’s earthquake ike sandy & all the rest of those big devastating explosions I SAY YOUR CONFESSION MEANS NOTHING 2ME THE CORRECTION MY ALREADY EARNED COTTON CANE COFFEE CASH WORKERS ART MONEYS MEAN EVERYTHING he say if i can kill myself dead now i would I SAY BE GONE EVIL ONE PLANET EARTH’S WATER IS NO GOOD 4MY HEALING BABIES AHNUIT’S KIND WON’T GET REBORN HERE! #Scenicville4evah


About wildlikethat24

artist mythologists dark matter
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