Omega 3

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Antiparos_Ag-Gewrg(5)res polyunsaturated fatty acids

If you take a look at a map of Greece you will see why fish is such an important part of the greek diet. For such a small country there is a lot of coastline which is why there is such a strong history of seafaring. Eating seafood goes along with that. Fish can be very expensive, though there are inexpensive fish available year-round, and these are just as tasty as the expensive ones

This fish is called “kollios” (mackerel) and is very common in the greek seas. The interesting thing about greek fish is that the cheapest ones are also the best for you. Just like “gavros” and “sardela”, “kollios” is the highest in omega fatty acids and of the three, it’ s the tastiest and most filling. It is usually served grilled though it can also be fried. The best “kollios” is made in Paros and…

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