the game of thrones from an old school vs. new school vs. next school hip-hop aesthetic BUT I CAN’T DO THAT! I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN WHY I’M SO CRAZY ABOUT THE GAME OF THRONES EXCEPT I AM CERTAIN THE CREATOR OF THAT MIND MELDING FANTASTICAL WORLD COULD CLEAR THIS WHOLE THING UP WHICH WOULD OF COURSE PROVE HE’S A WIZARD WHO HAD TRAINED ME LONG AGO IN THE ART OF DETAILS AND WRITINGS OF GREAT MAGNATUDE BUT I WAS A POOR STUDENT GENIUS YES BUT LACKING IN THE QUALITIES THAT – ahhh well u know that story eh the point is i really would like my already earned cotton cane coffee cash workers art moneys now please and restore my ancient legacy with my futuristic legacy speaking up the blessingsImage


About wildlikethat24

artist mythologists dark matter
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