“And just as in the past each civilization was the vehicle of its own mythology, developing in character as its myth became progressively interpreted, analyzed, and elucidated by its leading minds, so in this modern world – where the application of science to the fields of practical life has now dissolved all cultural horizons, so that no separate civilization can ever develop again – each individual is the center of a mythology of his own, of which his own intelligible character is the Incarnate God, so to say, whom his empirically questing consciousness is to find. The aphorism of Delphi, ‘Know thyself,’ is the motto. And not Rome, not Mecca, not Jerusalem, Sinai, or Benares, but each and every ‘thou’ on earth is the center of the world, in the sense of that formula quoted from the twelfth century ‘Book of the Twenty-four Philosophers,’ of God ‘as an intelligible sphere, whose center is everywhere.'”

Joseph Campbell, “The Masks of God, Volume IV: Creative Mythology,” p. 36


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