Eugenio Dittborn-


Eugenio Dittborn – H.H.F. (Selknam) for Sale | Artspace.

About the Artist

About Eugenio Dittborn

One of the pioneers of South American conceptualism, Eugenio Dittborn was a pioneer of mail art and explored the implications of politicizing creative work. He and his contemporaries eschewed the stilted, academic means and subjects of artistic representation found in Chile at the time. After studying in Europe during the late 1960s, he returned to Chile at a time when the nation was ruled by the repressive military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Dittborn became a member of the so-called Escena de Avanzada (“Advanced Scene”), a small group of artists around Santiago, Chile, which used avant-garde techniques as tactics of political dissidence. Dittborn’s airmail art was a method of evading government censors, allowing messages and images of protest to literally and metaphorically escape the country.


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