YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED 4 A SANDYTOWN SCENICVILLE AFTERLIFE READING-ImageNechemya Davis, Borough Park, 2012tumblr_mg5p1wJn9i1rp9qjpo1_500Image

BASED ON YOUR STUDIES WHILE ON PLANET EARTH IF YOU WERE 2 DIE TRAGICALLY IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS OR SUCH YOU WOULD OF COURSE FIRST HAVE TO MEET WITH YOUR GODMOTHERS REBEKAH MOTHER OF JACOB & ESAU WIFE OF ISSAC AND YOUR GODMOTHER MADAME MARIE LEVEAU AFTER TELLING THEM WHAT EVER YOU FEEL LIKE SAYIN (cause of course they know everything even the motives behind all that u don’t even know) THEN YOU MEET WITH YOUR GODFATHERS- OCTAVIA BUTLER & TUPAC all of that will be alla of that & THEN you get to decide if u wanna go on the warriors path cause u were enjoying your time on earth & u did not appreciate being GONE2SOON or you get 2 tumbl in bliss which means all of your archived stuff has already been replicated in SANDYTOWN


tumblr_meutrbhJDz1s06moeo1_500 tumblr_mavk8784I11qzc0pko1_500tumblr_mhdiukmnsm1qjhn09o2_500 tumblr_mfyl2n87l81qcpsedo2_500


#Scenicville4evah #SANDYTOWNrealtime


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