1. he hurted me bad

2. i looked at him wrong he killt me

3. he asked me did i ever think of escaping i told him no he knew i was lying he cut my head off

4. he was a monster he was a monster a monster he was he was a terrible monster monster did i tell u he was a ferrocious monster?

5. all my dreams had me as the superior to him and i tortured him just the way he did me but worse in my dream i cut off his fingers and toes then pulled his eyeballs out then i hammered the part of his arm where the funny bone is and he did not laugh no he cried but this was only in my dreams because when i awoke he would be standing over me drooling ready to attack and rape me before going off to work like the perfect gentleman

6. he begin to confess to me after he had left his finger prints bruised around my neck saying his disturbance came from being molested as a child- how cruel my mind to begin to pray that his stepfather reappear and finish him off but that was a thought in action i admit i comforted him while my neck still ached and burned

7. the first time he let me out of the cement door dungeon that was my home for the next 20 years we watched a football game and he fed me chocolate icecream with pound cake i threw it up and he beat me sending me back to my cell for another 3 months and then he took me out again to watch a basketball game serving me strawberry icecream and cookies i did not throw up this time but he still beat me when his team lost

8. i grew to accept his ways and figured out how not to get beat i rubbed his feet

9. he called me the most horrible things his cursing me was worst than his beatings because i had no mirror to believe other wise- yes he made me hate myself

10. I tried to kill myself many times but he would stop me after bandanging my self inflected wounds he would then beat me saying if i should die it would be by his hand not my own


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artist mythologists dark matter
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