ONE OF UM SAY- ya sea chile we all got over here wrong in the first place so if u bluebeard’s wife still locked in the dungeon primal screamin outrageous tsunamis somebody way b4 u even got here activated the hauntings- well at least be happy those 3 women found somebody to help rescue ‘um even if they not able 2help nobody else cause mmmhuh just like everybody who know about your worth sitting up LAUGHING AT BLUEBEARDS FEASTED TABLE the same one’s knew bout those GIRLS ON SEYMOUR ST- oh well honey u do got SANDYTOWN #that’sLIFE!


Slave cabin donated to National Museum of African American History and CultureMore Information:[/url]
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WASHINGTON, DC.- The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture has acquired a slave cabin from the first half of the 19th century, currently located at Point of Pines Plantation on Edisto Island, S.C. The Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society donated it to the museum after receiving it originally from the Burnet Maybank family, the current owners of the plantation. The one-story, rectangular, weatherboard-clad cabin is being dismantled piece by piece at its current location, removed from the Point of Pines Plantation and transferred to the NMAAHC collection. Smithsonian representatives will be present during the deconstruction to conduct additional research on the structure and those who lived there. “Slavery is one of the most important episodes in American history, but it is often the least understood,” said Lonnie Bunch, founding director of NMAAHC. “By exhibiting this cabin NMAAHC will ensure that the rich, complex and difficult story of the enslaved will be made accessible for the millions who will visit the museum.”More Information:[/url]
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