ONE OF UM SAY- i allow the unenlighten entrance to some sort of understanding thru western medicine so yes i tell the world i chose double masectomy becuase of breast cancer heridity but lets be real i am A.J. i have acess to the best healing ways beyond the present imagination except in a startrek or other futuristic movie

ImageTHE REAL REASON I HAD MY BREASTS REMOVED DEALS WITH THE SACRED AND PROFANE   for ten years on my watch i allowed that heinous crime ON SEYMOUR STREET to go hidden caused me 2 cut away that which gives sustance to my babies and great pleasure to me and my mate i am a mother i will always be a mother but what those 3 women endured for ten years should not have happened -i had to be clear of that- it is not anything anyone but my soul mate BP could possibly understand ALL 2 SAY DEAR MICHELLE KNIGHT GINA DEJESUS AND AMANDA BERRY I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU ENDURED THAT MUCH TERROR FOR TEN YEARS MAY YOU FIND IT WITHIN YOUR HEARTS TO FORGIVE THIS PLANET FOR ALLOWING THIS TO OCCUR


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