ONE OF UM SAY- why r u still there?

I SAY- no cynaid nor sleeping pills

THEM SAY- hurry up you will never have as much fun on planet earth as u will on this side of the fence

I SAY- i know perhaps yall can do one of those tsunamis

THEM SAY- we can’t do a super duper one with out u

I SAY- then perhaps a drive by shooting?

THEM SAY- you’ve been bullied why not hang yourself

I SAY- you know I’ve done that before

THEM SAY-thats right ok what about-

I INTERRUPT UM SAY- hey where is the one told me to say those gravekeepers names?

THEM SAY- stirring it all up

I SAY- so what is that about?

THEM SAY- In Sandytown your work is greatly respected u r a rare and valuable source of energy

I SAY- yeah i know i know i know




About wildlikethat24

artist mythologists dark matter
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