ONE OF UM SAY- yeh i was around when that whale book came out Melville yeh i remember that time i tell ya what

yeh i t was strong writing it was but why did he name him ISHMAEL worst than conjuring the devil it was! that name it just made it sink in that some black african had jumped up in him 2have written it & we knew and it just didnt sit right-u know that ship THE ESSEX all the black got eaten can u imagine a white man GOD LOVING QUAKER MEN ATE THE FLESH OF BLACK MEN! RESORTING TO CANNIBALISM IS ONE THING BUT WHEN THE BLACK DEAD COME BACK HAUNTING UP WHAT WAS ONCE A SANE WHITE MAN- he wrote a whole whole book about A WHALE and the one who is telling this story is named ISHMAEL – well ya see it was a different time little girl but don’t judge us harsh look at your times cruel things worst than MOBY DICK BEING BLACKBALLED A HUNDRED YEARS AGO IS OCCURRING IN YOUR GENERATION SO DON’T EVIL EYE THE PAST LITTLE GIRL!


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