Well Dubai makes me think of Keturah which i usedta believe she came 2me because i was once her but now i realize she had a daughter that is never mentioned but Dubai makes me think of her desert stories and the wealth oasis they built after she and ishmael (when her name was hagar) getting kicked out of sarah and abraham’s compound- ALLA THAT WHOLE STORY & SUCH

but now after hearing that man talk about how they blackballed MOBY DICK a hundred + years ago i realize i am more Herman Melville’s cursed spirited away daughter when he channeled  Ishmael’s big whale story than being Keturah or her daughter who never got mentioned- WHICH IS ALL 2SAY DR. MAXWELL yes i do wonder still had i been heard well ten years ago what would the world look like eventhough  SAMO SAMO still follows me around making me realize the dead don’t like planet earth too much  OH WELL I DO GOT SANDYTOWN

Photo by maxwell • Instagram.


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