gives arms room to stretch

way someplace else settle into the deep part of self or other selves somebody just prefers the words of the poet so let me bestow them on the masses of the django everlasting

erry one who was there on that stir it up got both feet marked in the double coded equation

so yeah i saw that movie got the set designer coming 2WE saying the talk of the NINESES Image

oh yeah THE HOUSE OF RIVAS just got opened on the SANDYTOWN SHORES 4aREASON

(doo dah doo dah)

i am now compelled 2link a whole buncha shit 2gether and call it ANOTHER TYPE OF


oh yeah now u got a season that speaks on THE TWIN TIME REASONS

(dear God although i have been raised 2think of U-God as a whole complete and complex superduper supreme being that is all and beyond I also know that we go way back before i arrived on this STRANGE PLANET CALLED EARTH and b4 this haunted healing existence U&Me were1GOD but in this dimension of time and space we have been sepearated which now makes me think of that twin crying for her other self who got shot by a cop who was really re-inacting a whole nother BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET SITUATION STICKY anyway that lady who showed me the tree hanging growin roots over the curb while that goat lady driver kept getting in the longest car lanes while the lanes with no cars was clear and full speed ahead makes me think of even stranger things like that Aesop fable about the GOAT the CROW and the DEAD PUPPY caught up in a LIVE STORM – then Edward Sissorhands came thru and snipped out a FAT GIRL and the BIG FAT GIRL turned the live storm into FOOD and then SPIT BACK OUT the GOAT the CROW and the DEAD PUPPY and that’s when the LADY HAD HER BABY- well u know how we talk God well how we used to talk maybe it wasnt AESOP FABLES but it was some kinda storytellin champ ANYWAY all2say please handle accordingly)


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