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So this might be the craziest story I have read all day. Wow!

Michael Douglas Reveals Oral Sex Caused His Throat Cancer

Michael Douglas has opened up about his past diagnosis, revealing that oral sex, not smoking or drinking, caused his type of throat cancer.

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  • T Tara Turk Girl, HPV is serious business and us chocolate women are the highest group with it. Glad they are discussing it.
  • Gilbert Giles you’re not supposed to drink it from a bottle, though. The guy was a sex addict, don’t forget. He sought treatment.
  • Lynette Rogers Hillery And this is why Boys should also have the “one less” vaccine.
  • Michele Luc Yeah gurl, I’m a sexual health educator & I don’t like to scare folks, so I try to give stats that take away the stigma of STIs. But HPV is no joke cuz almost everyone gets exposed to it, it’s spread thru skin-to-skin contact, it often has no symptoms & it can lead to cervical cancer & oral cancers. It just is what it is.
  • Shelley Nicole Jefferson I really didn’t like those “one less” commercials, but I do agree that STD prevention should be messaged to boys as much a girls. I’m not really down for any kind of vaccines, but that’s another post.
  • T Tara Turk Crazy how those commercials didn’t play here on the West coast.
  • T Tara Turk Well I think NY was the one doing the vaccines…not Cali. I might be mistaken but they just keep stalking us about medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • Pam Jennett While this may put women in a bad light, this may encourage women to get tested, for all people to practice safe sex etc.
  • Shelley Nicole Jefferson It’s not that it puts women in a bad light, it’s just that safe sex practices need to be pushed to all the sexes. It’s not just a women’s responsibility.
  • Yves Roney Jean-Philippe (second time I’ll say this)
    Hey, at least he’s not blaming it on Matt Damon … LOL

    Michael Douglas and Matt Damon tell the story of Liberace at the Cannes film fesSee More
  • Vilma Alvarez I saw this trending on yahoo and thought it was an “onion” news thread. Make sense hpv and sex addiction. Wow and warning lights.
  • Thokozani Ndaba I’m taking my mouth n I’m out…..
  • Michele Luc Vilma Alvarez-I’d like to chalk it up to sex addiction…I’m sure that didn’t help, but the reality is, wait for it…1/3-1/2 people will get HPV in their lifetime (depending on which stats you look at). I guarantee, more sistas you know have had HPV than fibroids (& that’s a lot!). It’s just not something that’s talked about cuz of stigma.

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