MISTRESS OF A VAMPIRE PIRATE -bits of parched paper were found in a 1700 sunken pirate ship…
by Espiritu Spirit  on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 10:28pm

i’ve been seasick 4 most of this journey till now i carry the whole ocean in my belly

at some point i pray these bits of ramblings will find a listening ear- Never was it a wish or desire on my part to be at sea with a bunch of soap hating pirates and the worst one has woven his vampiric venemon into me

how could i have ever asked 4this?

some nites ago it felt like we hit a whale even the most sturdy of this bunch chunked up marbles and blubber

there is something to be said of a soul who sleeps through killing waters

perhaps it was for me to know that i am not as cursed as i believe myself to be

when all got calm again the smell of death brought the sea to wail & the fog turned us all into dreams and nightmares only deep waters contain. i cannot say more than this – whats the point in describing exactly how the world ends.

i write this while above deck & the sun in my face . i have come to know that although i am infused with vampire blood my source of life still draws from the sun as much as the moon. this is something going thru the unmentionable storm taught me


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